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Hymnists and Hymns

 Albert B.Simpson(1843-1919)

   Jesus Only  (《Hymnary》427)

   Himself  (《Hymnary》426)

   Speak to the Rock  (《Hymnary》256)



 Charles Wesley(1707-1788)

   Jesus,Thine All Victorious Love  (《Hymnary》233)

   Oh,For A Thousand Tongues to Sing  (《Hymnary》200)

   Jesus,Lover Of My Soul  (《Hymnary》496)

   Thou Hidden Source of Calm Repose  (《Hymnary》424)



 Fanny Crosby(1820-1915)

   Blessed Assurance  (《Hymnary》560)

   All the Way My Saviour Leads Me  (《Hymnary》471)



 Frances Ridley Havergal(1836-1879)

   Live out Thy Life within Me  (《Hymnary》314)

   I Gave My Life for Thee  (《Hymnary》297)

   Take My Life,and Let It Be  (《Hymnary》313)



 Isaac Watts(1674-1748)

   When I Survey the Wondrous Cross  (《Hymnary》69)

   Alas!and Did My Saviour Bleed?  (《Hymnary》71)



 Margaret Barber(1866-1930)

   EI Shaddai  (《Hymnary》450)

   Keep Up the Song of Faith  (《Hymnary》430)

   Ask in Faith  (《Hymnary》549)

   Obedience  (《Hymnary》367)

   Hallelujah!Christ is Victor  (《Hymnary》668)

   The Will of the Lord Be Done  (《Hymnary》377)

   I Press On  (《Hymnary》267)

   The Name Which is Above Every Name  (《Hymnary》671)

   I Dare Not be Defeated  (《Hymnary》660)

   These are They Which Follow the Lamb  (《Hymnary》387)

   Not I But Christ  (《Hymnary》642)

   The Path I Travel  (《Hymnary》585)

   The Pilgrim  (《Hymnary》544)



 Watchman Nee(1903-1972)

   What Length,Breadth,Height and Depth  (《Hymnary》319)

   If From The Right Course I Depart  (《Hymnary》372)

   Olives That Have Known No Pressure  (《Hymnary》386)

   Hast Thou No Scar?  (《Hymnary》399)

   His Angels His Countenance Always Behold  (《Hymnary》373)

   Let Me Love and Not Be Respected  (《Hymnary》381)

   Oh,Jesus,Lord,Whem,Thou on Earth  (《Hymnary》257)

   Thou Hast Said Thou Art the Vine  (《Hymnary》406)

   Since Long Ago at Bethany  (《Hymnary》156)





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